PET filament filter non-woven

Color: white grade: tensile strength: 130-120 (KN/M)

Size: 1020 (mm) thickness: 0.22 (mm) packing instructions: Film

Custom processing: no quantitative: 50 (g/m) whiteness %: the white

Moisture (%): the white Name: HF50W

High strength and high temperature resistance.

 Light weight without edge does not shrink. 

Fiber uniformly distributed in each direction, ofthe same. 

High initial modulus at high permeability with high efficiency and low pressure drop of filter requirements.Reinforcing molding carpet strength and dimensional stability. 

Use: air water filtration. Artificial leather base fabric. Electrical insulating materials. Composite membrane. The fabric. 

For agricultural and horticultural purposes. Flower packaging materials, interior decorationmaterial. Second layers of tufted or needle punching automobile forming carpet base cloth. Composite carpet pad. The roof cold laidlaminated waterproof material, the vertical wall, isolation layer (reinforcement).

Color: white. Weight: 50 (G/M2) thickness: 0.22 (MM)

The maximum tensile strength (N/5CM): 130-120

The maximum elongation: 31-31 (%)

The biggest tear strength: 22-22 (N)

Air permeability: 2100 (I/M2S)

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