PE laminated felt/painter cover fleece/floor protection mat
Painter's felt with PE laminated film
1.dustproof, dampproof, wateproof;

Material:nonwoven fabric+PE-backing

From recycle material ,such as clout , rag , wools and so on Eco-friendly Felt , no smell , no dust , no poisonous substances and no metalline stuff


1. Weight : 160g/sqm-400g/sqm

2. PE : 30g/sqm , 40g/sqm ,45g/sqm etc.

3. Width : 100cm

4. Regular Size:

1m*3m,1m*4m,1m*5m per piece

1m*10m,1m*25m,1m*50m per roll


Usage :


The Nonwoven fabric bonded PE film rug pad mainly uses in the interior decoration and painting, when the decoration lays down in the upscale floor or on the brick :


1). When you brush the wall, spread it on the furniture or the ground to avoid paint pollution


2). When you are out of room for a long time, put it on the furniture to be dustproof.


3). When you repair the car, put it on the ground to be damp proof and it can be over spread on the car or motorcycle from the rain.

Package :


pieces in plastic bag, rolls in foil-shrinking package


outside package can use cartons or pallets



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