Waterproof composite membrane
1.5mx50m per roll
Weight 120-250gsm
Any color is available
Any logo is acceptable


1.       Protect the thermal isolation of the roof/wall against unfavorable impact of environmental factor that might penetrate the external covering.(rain, snow, dust)

2.       Ensures the windproof of the roof/wall (prevents the loss of heat from the isolation layers caused by air circulation.)

3.       Micro-perforation permeates vapor to the outside, ensure the dryness of the isolation layer.(only dry isolation functions properly)

4.       Complete waterproofing, the membrane prevent the penetration of water from condensation or leaking in the covering.

5.       Resistant to mechanical damage (stretch and tearing)

6.       Stabilized, conforming to EU standards, resistant to UV radiation and excess temperatures.

7.       Does not propagate fire.

8.       Safe for environment and recyclable.


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