Waterproof and breathable membrane(KDBD200)
200GSM Waterproof membrane, strong tensile, strong waterproof function. Mainly sold to Greece and Romania.

PP+PE+PP waterproofing membrane is used for roofing underlay.

This product is a high performance vapour permeable roofing underlay for use in warm or cold pitched roof constructions. It can be used in unventilated cold loft spaces on any roof shape and building type.


Embossed dark grey upper surface, white lower surface, printed with product branding for ease of identification.Triple-ply construction, with a waterproof and vapour permeable core laminated and protected between two layers of non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene.


1.Now even tougher offering enhanced performance

2.Independently certified for use in both warm and cold roof constructions, including unventilated cold loft spaces, on any roof shape and building type

3.Highly vapour permeable, but entirely watertight

4.Helps to avoid condensation risk in the roofspace in accordance with BS 5250:2002

5.Easy to cut and lightweight to handle

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