Company objective:

    Respect employees, high-quality service; pursuit truth and practice, keep improving

Company concept:

    Innovation as the source—evergreen thinking, forges ahead, pursuit of excellence;

    Try first as the advantage- I have them when others don"t. I have better ones when others have them;

    Pursuit practice as the doctrine-do something down-to-earth, focus on actual effect, be brave in practice;

    Integrity-oriented- sincere communication, credit supreme, heart to heart cooperation.

Company spirit:

    Pursuit innovation, beauty, truth and perfect;

    Self-regulate, self-inspect, self-discipline, self-cleaning;

    Pursuit innovation and practice, strengthen management, forging ahead in unity, make glories together;

Company core direction:

    1. quality policy: based on quality, pursuit best service, credit as guarantee, achieve success together;

    2. company objective: innovation and development, create internationalization enterprise.

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