PE Embossed Backing Membrane
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 PE Embossed Backing Membrane



     With unique fiber structure, the waterproof breathable membrane can protect the construction structure from being eroded by wind and rain and strengthen the gas tightness and water tightness as well as boast good breathability which expel water vapour out of the construction, thus avoiding mould and condensation.



KangDa roofing 3 layer breathable membrane   



        High performance breather membrane with a highly reflective surface used to enhance the thermal performance of the final wall construction.


KangDa vapour barrier roof membrane



         "Features: 1/,Excellent performance at water resistance . 2/,Light and thin,antiskid,with good low temperature flexibility,suitable for construction in different condition. 3/,Improve water-tightness of building,protect the construction from the invasion of wind and rain,protecting the structural materials and equipments inside roof and wall. 4/,High tensile strength and elongation rate,highly flexibility at low temperature. 5/,Used for roof construction for sloping roof of the wall curtain,profiled steel sheet,steel (wood) structure, masonry and so on.



KangDa Breawarf Diffiusion Foils (C120)  



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