Exterior cladding systems wall membrane PE waterproof membrane for wall
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 Exterior cladding systems wall membrane PE waterproof membrane for wall



     The main function of the breathable roof membrane is to reduce the amount of heat lost by air leakage through the ceiling and from the loft space to the outside.



KangDa breathable membrane for timber frame   



        "Breathable membrane allows your roof to breath, meaning you won't need traditional ventilation. It's suitable for use as a full supported or unsupported underlay beneath your slate or tiles, on warm or cold non-ventilated and cold ventilated roofs. A good breather membrane can improve energy efficiency - saving money on bills - and provide durable protection against condensation, water and air infiltration. Due to their adaptability and mulitipurpose use, beathable membranes are growing in popularity.


KangDa vapour barrier roof membrane



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KangDa Breawarf Diffiusion Foils (C120)  



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