waterproof and breathable membrane
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 waterproof and breathable membrane



     Protect your buildings with waterproof, breathable wall membrane. Kangda Breathable Membrane totally impervious to wind, rain, sleet and snow, while still remaining breathable, which allows moisture that builds-up within your house to escape.



KangDa Breathable Membranes (C120)   



        Breathable Membranes allow insulated structures to easily release excess moisture vapour into the atmosphere and so keep the internal components of wall and roof structures dry, whilst performing the task of a secondary protection membrane and preventing penetration by external environmental impurities such as dirt and rain. These types of membrane are installed on the cold side, or the external side of the insulation beneath the main outer building lining, roof-tiles or cladding.


KangDa vapour barrier roof membrane



         Because the roof membrane has not only the function of breathable, but also the function good waterproof. As the polypropylene spunbond fabric is water repellent itself, the water drop will not be absorbent by the membrane, but will keep it as round water drop and fall off the roof. So the spunbond roofing membrane is the best choice for this roofing membrane, and it is very cheap compare to other material.?



KangDa Breawarf Diffiusion Foils (C120)  



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